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Be enlightened by the collective opinions of many to grow & learn about listed stocks and cryptocurrencies on our social community.

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Follow the trades of your family members & friends in one click. Follow your trusted experts and become one yourself

Social Trading Platform 

FollowTrade allow families & friends to share & follow each other’s investment journey in a simple and engaging way.

Together, we make trading simple and fun for Non-Traders to begin their investment journey with us.

Explore Endless Trading Opportunities 

Trade & invest in listed stocks & cryptocurrencies, together with your family members & friends in a simple & engaging way. Investing will never be a lonely journey.

*Do be aware of inherent risks to your capital when trading. See Risk Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

How To Start?

How To Start?

Join the Social Trading Movement today.

Gain access to market information and trusted experts with your family members and friends to discuss investing strategies, right on our platform.

We make trading simple and fun – simply click FollowTrade and you will be able to automatically follow the trades of your trusted Star Traders.


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